Philipp Weishaupt, the best-placed German rider in the individual ranking after the second qualification

Surprising results in the second qualification for the finals in Milan

Team Germany rides in 1st place

After yesterday’s opening competition, the starting position for the German team was third place with 5.31 points. Sweden was in the lead ahead of the again very strong Swiss. Marcus Ehning was the first rider to start for Germany. Even today he was impressively harmonious and safe with his Stargold. But a barely perceptible touch of the stallion’s left hindquarters on the wall led to a throw. Things went really well for Philipp Weishaupt and Zineday. They remained flawless today and after the second qualification they are in 2nd place in the individual ranking, making them the best-placed German couple. Jana Wargers once again showed an excellent performance and a beautiful, flawless ride with the 14-year-old Limbridge, after which she now occupies 11th place in the individual classification. Even if Gerrit Nieberg could not fulfill the hope of bringing the German team even further forward with a zero-error ride, the German team is still in first place after the second qualification with 9.31 points. Christian Kukuk, who once again showed a confident, safe and harmonious clear round as an individual rider with his Mumbai, is ninth in the individual ranking.

Sweden in 2nd place and Switzerland in 3rd place

Two unexpected laps by Martin Fuchs (SUI) and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE) favored the change in leadership. Martin Fuchs, the individual European champion of 2019 (reported by, was as usual very confident on the course with Leone Jei and his teammates in the Kiss-And-Cry-Area wanted to cheer when the stallion imperceptibly hit a pole at the last obstacle touched, which then fell to the ground almost in slow motion. Switzerland now had 9.92 points and was initially in second place. The last rider for Sweden was the experienced Rolf-Göran Bengtsson with his Zuccero. He could have afforded a discard to keep the Swedish team in 1st place. But unfortunately there were two jumping errors. First the plank fell, and then another pole. Sweden thus had an overall result of 9.51 points and was second after the second qualification. For Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, who had 0.81 points in the individual classification, the chances of a top placement are now very likely very low. Belgium will not be in the team final. This is completely unexpected and very bitter for the otherwise successful riders. There were simply too many uncertainties and a good deal of bad luck that ultimately led to this result.

Jens Fredricson defends his lead in the individual classification

Anyone who believed that Jens Fredricson would not show a strong performance today was taught better by the 56-year-old Swede and his Markan Cosmopolitan in an impressive way. With his second clear round at this championship, he not only defended his lead in the individual classification, but also ensured that the Swedish team had every chance of winning the team title.

Photos: Silvia and Hans-Joachim Reiner